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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Break Relief

This week I decided to return to Facebook after a month break. Many asked if they did anything wrong to make me leave. But it was just hard to maintain my pace, move the house and lose my computer to a virus. I just had to back away and get renewed.

Facebook is an active place with lots of connections and networking. I find it interesting to compare it to High School drama at times. And yes I am the first to go read what is shocking to degrading of others. Well I didn't miss it one day.

Oh yes I got the usually text every other day of the latest news of the social network but it was just interesting that it did 't motivate me to come back sooner.

When I was ready I did meet with our Mentors first and got renewed and inspired by their excitement.

We have some new ideas and revamped the thought process to make it so much more exciting to shoot.

Within a week we will release our dates and workshops for the Falls and Spring line up of Photography Workshops.

Here is our new header logo of our Group on Facebook called ... Texas Photo Shoot Workshop

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