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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gearing up for our Senior 2011 Campaign

We were invited to the Houston Smug Mug meet-up this week to help with their portfolio building session. Last count was 65 photographers and over 10 models showed with 2 makeup artists. Special thanks to MUAs Alicia Perez-Guavara for coming and networking. We truly believe you need to have those MUAs phone numbers already added in your cell phone. Thou models usually are very pretty, the MUAs can make a big difference in your photos by using one at each of your sessions. Above is model Jessica Kemski and Makeup by Alicia Perez-Guevara.

This weekend is our Senior High School 2011 Campaign workshop.  Registration is closing Friday morning.  This is to help photographers create portfolio photos. This will help them with marketing photos of Seniors to help with their Senior Clientele.

Last week was our WOW4 White Outdoor Wedding workshop in Brenham. It’s a Trash the Dress with wedding dresses and we got a few models to get in the pond. Here is model Adele Spears introduced to us by Photographer Richard McCullough.

HHN on May 2 – Registration is still open. This is Sunday shoot at a local nite club in Houston. The bar is very unique and the models are first class. The bar is opening up to those want to thirst their whistle. Click here to see location photos and models attending. They even light the stage on fire around the models. This is a Glamour shoot with Hollywood type lighting. Come early and learn some style lighting. Everyone is welcome to bring lighting or come and work along side of lighting pre-set up.

May 16 is our Sexy Sunrise Wild-Wild West Pinup workshop in Austin at a Ghost Town.  Click here to register as a photographers. The location will have the kitchen open also to serve all that come out. We are excited about this sunrise shoot. Not only are we going to Austin to shoot with new talent, we will be attending the FREE Austin Photo Expo being held there all weekend with FREE seminars. Should be a great weekend. is having their photo contest this week, make sure you go and vote for your favorite. The winner gets put on the header of OTS front page.

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