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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gearing up for Glamour Haute Hollywood Nite Club workshop

We will start off this blog with a photo of Model Jessica Kemski taken last Sunday in Galveston’s Sunrise Beaches. A hand full of photographers and models woke up at 4am to run and beat the sunrise on the beach. We hope to get to do this again soon. Anyone wanting to join us or model at sunrise with us, please contact me at and let us know. We also have the SOS workshop coming July 17/18 to flood the beaches the weekend with 100s of swimsuit models and photographers.

We are gearing up this weekend for the Glamour –Haute Hollywood Nite Club workshop. We are expecting about 45 people and it should be a great time. We have over 20 models, 4 Makeup artists and 17 Photographers at this time. We have a few more spots for photographers and it will close on Friday. The model lineup is spectacular and you can see them all on Forum under HHN workshop.

Above is model Rebecca Rutherford from New Orleans. The photo was taken at the MMM3 workshop in Fredericksburg. She is coming back this summer for our SOS.

Follow us to Austin May 16 for a Sexy western pin-up Sunrise at a Ghost Town location for our Wild-wild West workshop. We are going to also attend the Austin Photo Expo this year, FREE to photographers to attend the many seminars. Our sunrise shoot will end in time to attend Sundays Photo Expo in Austin. The location is catering breakfast for us also. Lots of fun that weekend.

Photo above is Model Anna Fernandez at the WOW4 workshop. The sunrise lighting turned out great and it was a sweet location in Brenham, TX.

June 13 is our Urban Fashion Workshop to cater to inside and outside around downtown Houston. Many have asked what is Urban Fashions and the latest City High Fashion is Urban and not to be confused with Rural. lol

Above is model Holland Nicole that attended our Senior 2011 Campaign workshop last weekend in Needville. An amazing location we love to go back to. The seniors had a blast with all the location and props around. They got to shoot inside and outside with 12 different photographers.

Stress is something that we all live with and deal with everyday. Come take the stress off your planning and details by shooting at one of our workshops. We do it all except press the button on your camera. Lol For a workshop concept photo shoot listing see

We are about to post a few new workshops soon and are waiting a few dates and location approvals. Check back here on our Weekly Wednesday Blogs.

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