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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gearing up for Mothers Day Weekend

Photo above is Model Brittany Binder from our HNN workshop.

Haute is want we would describe this past weekend. We had a blast and got to take some amazing Haute Hollywood Photos with some dramatic Lighting in a unique Houston Night Club. We had 15 photographers and 10 models along with 3 makeup-artists and 1 hair stylist working as a great team. The details that were planned to make this happen just fell into place like clockwork. All models were experienced and professional to the tee. Congrats the Dallas photographer that won the $25 printing door prize to;

Above is another photo of Model Lisa Matthew from this amazing HHN workshop. Please take a minute to see all the photos from this event on

I am looking forward to taking this weekend off from shooting due to Mothers Day weekend. Due to Mothers Day we are running a Yearly membership special for $29.95..

Here is our advertising banner to kick that off. Model Adele Spears in this ad.

We are doing many photo sessions during the summer so we make a advertising ad with Model Jessica Kemski; photos from our Senior workshop.

We hope you all come join us next week at the Ragin Cajun in Sugar Land for Marc’s birthday; all the photographers come around 6pm and stay til 9pm. Great food and drinks along with lots of photo talk;

Many workshops are being posted soon. You hear it here first. The end of the month we are doing a Wet n Wild – High Fashion makeup Water Photography/Modeling Workshop. This photo workshop is going to be small and will not be advertised on other sites. We are only taking 10 photographers and 6 models and 2 makeup artist at a pool and hot tub. I have an example of what we are doing at this workshop with model Britney Rendon and photographer Kenneth Berntsen.

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