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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Join us for Glam January 2011

Glamour Makeup Portrait Workshop in Jan
Join us for Glam January 2011, we rented an spacous location for Glamour Makeup Portrait Photography Workshop.  We will teach our techniques of doing different styles of Portrait lighting using all types of lighting.  Come in and learn from our mentors.  We will have a workflow workshop from beginning to set up to loading the photos in LightRoom 3.2.  We will show you how it's done by the exports for Client ready photos.  This will be instructional and hands on leaving you ready to do it on your own.  Hands on shooting with your camera, you will leave with photos from our amazing models created by some of Houston's best makeup artists.

We have survived the Teen Vogue, Gothic Glamour and Wedding Fantacy Workshop this month.

“Teen Vogue Fashion!” is what we were saying after our second Vogue Teen Fashion workshop photo shoot this past weekend before the Thanksgiving break. We had 19 models and 19 photographer along with four talented makeup artists come make this all happen. Along with all the parents, we were a site to see shooting. The Photos from the Vogue shoot are making everyone look twice.  Those teens sure did shine.   Here is a photos of Loren from the VTF workshop.  She is over 6 ft tall and just as pretty as her photos.  Special thanks to her posing skills, she made us all look good.  And yet there were even more models that looked just as pretty.

Model Loren at Vogue Teen Fashion
Gothic Dark Glamour was less than two weeks ago and it was shot inside and around a local Cotton Gin.  We had 13 Goth Models, 5 MU artists and 18 Photographers along with 5 Mentor Photographers.  This was a site to see indeed.  My job is to not look as shocked as I really am, lol.  We brought in our canopy bed and placed it in the cotton feild with black and red bed coverings. We had a male model join us at that shoot that gave 200%.  Mostly we bring in male models as props to the female models but this one held his own.  When you start to see more photos of him by himself than you know that he did a great job.  We all can't wait to see him grow into a strong model and actor from Houston.  No-one knew that we were skepical of doing this workshop for one, we were thinking that no one would be interested in Goth and two we knew that the Cotton Gin was a little out of the way as far as driving from downtown Houston.  Kuttos to all that traveled the distance to get the shoot.  Here is a photo from the Gothic Glamour shoot of Model Ashley Sanchez. 
Model Ashley Sanchez from the Goth Glamour Workshop
This past weekend we completed our fifth WOW workshop.  If you have never been to a WOW workshop it's always different from the next with White Outdoor Wedding photos of Gorgeous models in Unique Wedding dresses in Unique locations around Texas.  We went to the Rose Garden in Needville for the last time since they sold it.  It was spectacular with models we have never worked with coming to add wedding dress photos to their portfolio.    Here is a photo we worked on right at the end of the workshop when everyone was packing up and leaving.  Model Vita stayed awhile for us to capture it.  We duplicated an idea with using red and blue jels at the doors of the Chapel.  Here is our WOW photos from number 5.  We had 17 models, four makeup artists, 22 Photographers along with Six Mentor Photographers helping them.
Model Vita Hickman posing for the WOW5 Workshop

Join us for a weekend in January at the Beach shooting Brides at Sunrise and Save the Date Couples in the Sand.  Join us for one day or stay at the beach house.  For more information see

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