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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Vogue Teen Fashions Workshop set for Nov 21

We are hosting a second Vogue Teen Fashions Workshop for Photographers and Model Teens. This is set for Nov 21 from 9am to 12 noon.

Photographers and models can register on

This workshop is set for Mercer Arboretum in Houston TX. All photographers registered will be given badges and model releases for models coming. Any Teen and Pre-Teen models interested can register and ask any question to; Makeup Artist is not for all Models, models interested can simple register and we will provide you with one.

This is a great way to build your portfolio of Multiple Vogue Teen Model at one Venue Location. Not only will you get Teen photos, it can give you a chance to build your Senior Portfolio. This Venue has amazing flowers, water falls, archs, wooded area, ponds and baboo areas to shoot at. All models coming will be arriving two hours before the shoot for makeup, hair and sign-in. To view a list of models and photographers, simply find us on Facebook and view our Events or find this event on Forum under Workshop Sections.

We don’t provide instructions and the cost of this for Photographers is a low $40 each. This will provide you with a badge to let the models know you are with us. We provide the models with a safe envirnoment to shoot and learn to model at. Model can register for a low price of $25 each. This will give you access to a makeup artist and hair person along with guarentee spot at our workshop.

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