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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Millionaire and Pinups in Feburary

When you get to shoot with Planes, Helicopters, Antique Cars and Jets, you name the workshop Haute Couture Millionaire Photo Shoot. On Feb 13, we rented a hanger at Bay Town Airport and had access to a few of the Millionaire toys. We brought in four MUAs and yes we had a DJ come play music. It was a big expense but one that I won’t forget. The shoot was like no other and each workshop is never the same as the other. We had some amazing models join us with all our mentors helping out everyone left and right. We are planning to go back again in the Fall when it’s cooler. Here is a photo of Model Amanda and Model Nathan from the HCM.

February is the month of Valentine and it’s our month of Sweet Tart Pinup 2 photo shoot workshop. We hosted a long weekend of 21 Pinup Models. Our mentors had 5 unique lighting setups for any of the photographers to use at any time. Thou you didn’t need your own lights, so did bring some to shoot in the halls of this amazing Loft Building. This is our second year doing this Fun workshop; it was a great location with some new faces and top of the line wardrobe and props. Feb 19/20 was when the STP2 was held. We brought in four MUAs and a few Model helpers to make the workshop run like clock work. Thou this is one of our longest workshops, only the die-hards stay til the end to keep shooting. When I asked a few model if they could tell me how many times they changed in one day, Taylor the cover model for STP said, she changed over 30 times in one weekend. Here is a photo of Model Shelby from the STP2.
We have had many photographers come from other cities to come shoot at our workshop. This year we have seen photographers from South Carolina, Maine, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and New York City. Many Photographers in TX drive as far as Dallas to our workshops to shoot quality photos or just to add new models to their portfolio. Most of our workshops are only $50 and they have been that price since 2005. You can’t hire a makeup artist and find a model to shoot for that price. Well, you can, but at what quality? Many know that we started doing them for free before that.

Since buying the cost of our workshops is deferred to cover the web site overhead that gives all the models a free VIP membership for modeling at our workshops. We work with over 300 models a year and many get their start with us or just come back to get more quality images and experience. Some just come for the Fun of being part of the group. We cover it all or most of it. We scan your model releases after the fact and pay the makeup artists, props, eye lashes, wardrobe, fees, insurance, model releases, marketing more models, advertizing fees, water and snacks.
Our “Model: Photographer” ratio is set at 1:2. We are always looking for a mix of models; new ones that want to test their feet in modeling or experienced that want to add unique photos to their portfolio. It’s a great way to network, learn to work with models, test out new equipment, add new MUA’s contacts to your phone or just have some clean fun. Feel free to inquire about visiting any of our workshops if they are in your area. We welcome quest to come drop by to see what we are all about if space is open.

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