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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gearing up for Summer Photo Shoots

Gearing up for Summer Shoots

We are gearing up for 2011 Summer Photography/Modeling Workshop Photo Shoots. We will kick it off with the first of three Wet-n-Wilds on June 11th. This workshop was sold out in 24 hours. We have a small group coming with all the lighting set up for each to shoot at. The models will be getting some amazing makeup done four hours before the shoot. We have mentors coming to help all that attend with capturing the perfect photo for their portfolio. We are repeating what we did last summer when we completed three summer W-n-W workshops. The models were first class and so was the makeup. Each one was different than the other, so if you want to come to one or all, it’s a great way to add new unique photos. This is a great way to experience night lighting – we just add water and models. Please look for the next two Wet-n-Wild workshops to be posted soon.

Last weekend I married off my daughter so I will post a photo from this memorial event. My daughter Amber married Paul Bingham; Houston Oilers NFL Tycoon Greg Bingham’s son. I would say it was a quite backyard wedding but it was spectacular in every way a mother of the bride would want to remember. Visited by mostly Friends and Family, we had a few celebrities grace us. Photos and Videos are posted on FB.

May 15 was a fluke with the weather and it was the Indian Winter before the hot weather is here to stay. That was the day we had our Beach Bikini Fashion workshop Photo Shoot. At 6am the temperature was 63 degrees F and wind chills of 43. Finally at 7am we did get started on time with the models in Bikinis and appropriate fashions we all provided. The location was phenomenal with 100 palm trees in the back ground, sand dunes, surfside, fence lines and high rises to give us a, “That’s not Galveston!” photo. We had a motorcycle for a prop along with a mini logo and lots of seaweed. Special Thanks goes out to the six models that braved the cold and managed to arrive on time for the great photographers that participated that morning.
We’ve shot many times at our next Location for years and this year didn’t disappoint us even after the damage from IKE. Galveston’s Train Museum is back open and needing to raise money for their renovation. We had a small group for the Train shoot but we shot a Retro look for some unique portfolio builders for the models that come for FREE. We had two mentors come help with lighting and posing and it was a great learning experience for the small handful of photographers that attended the Haute Retro Train workshop photo shoot on May 14. Thanks for the moms that came to help and we had one makeup artist that traveled to help the new models starting out get a polished look for their photos. I recommend your visit on Sundays to not interfere with booked parties. They now have their prices listed on their web site for those that have been asking what their rates are. Here is a photo from HRT.

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