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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thephotobinder Photography Photo Shoot Workshop in April

One month from that; Apr 16 we did one of our WOW workshops in Brenham. WOW is for White Outdoor Wedding; it was our 6th one. We didn’t have bluebonnets since the drought, but we did have an amazing shoot. We had 8 models and 14 photographers capture some amazing Bridal Photos. We plan to have one more WOW this Fall. This location was perfect with the many photo Opportunities around the Historical Park. We supplied a Horse Trough that has a battery operated shower connected to it for a Country Bridal Shower look. Above is a photo from the WOW6.
Weekend Get-a-Way is a once in a lifetime experience for Photographers and Models in the Hill Country of Texas. April 8-10 was the best ever; HCR3 is our third Hill Country Ranch Weekend Get-a-Way Photography/Modeling Photo Shoot Weekend. We start shooting at Friday Sunset and don’t stop til Sunday’s Show and Tell. Our mentors tell and show all the photographers and models their tricks and trades to doing photography after the shot. The weekend has lodging and food provided to all that Register. We had 11 models and two makeup artists grace us that weekend. We had a Slip Sunset on Friday ending in the pool; followed by a Meet and Greet. Friday night Glamour Shooting was set up by the Mentors and went amazing. Saturday morning sunrise got wet with a porch shower by three models and shooting all day with more creek and pool shots. Saturday Sunset was planned at the Creek with an all white group photo; turned in individual photo sessions. Saturday night was open shooting with glow sticks, pillow fight shots, music and hot tub. Sunday is “sleep” late day and it was well worth it after a great weekend of shooting. The team always says that the sorer you are; the better the shoot. Well we made sure that everyone was sore. lol… Here is a photo from the HCR3.

April 3 was our Bluebonnet Workshop with all ages coming to Brenham. This is our fourth year shooting in Brenham and the flowers were there and in small patches due to the drought in Texas. We improvised with a Lemonade Stand, Bicycle, two old trucks, gas station, stacks of Hay, tire swing in the tree, high fashion chair and several log cabins to shoot at. Whew, it ended with going to Brenham’s Airport to enjoy their famous burgers. I look forward to going back next year. Here is a photo from the BLUE4.

State Parks are a great place to shoot and BBSP is no exception. We shoot High Fashion Models around these amazing low branch trees for an amazing sunset addition to anyone’s portfolio. This year we got special permission to shoot on April 2 instead of our usual October month. We brought in three MUAs and 8 models for an Haute Couture Forest workshop Photo Shoot. Haute Couture is long dresses that unique and dramatic. The Sunset there is just magical and never fails to amaze us all. This shoot is one of the best and enjoyed workshops of the year with unique photo addition. Here is a photo from the HCF.

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