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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gearing up Photography for the end of the Summer workshops

Only a few more photography spots are left for the Wet n Wild 3 workshop for Aug 21.  Four models are attending this workshop with four different locations for photographers to shoot. It’s one of those amazing fun workshops that we spend all day preparing for a three hour shoot. The Wet n Wild workshop is small enough to learn, take your time and get some creative photography. This workshop is at night with using water and electricity. So safety and fun is our biggest concern. We use a above ground pool with three lights and a fog machine mixed with blue gel lighting. With a display of Tiki Lighting all over the area, we set up a non wet area with a Hammock in a greenery displayed. We have a Shower Scene with a battery operated pump in a troft to capture some water falling for models. Then we have what we call a reflecting pond that anyone can make. It’s four x two boards with black plastic wrap around with two inches of water inside an eight foot area to capture the reflection of the models. We have ladders set up for those that want to get a different angle. We have chairs and water for those that want to take a break from the heat. Each section is manned with mentors. Our four mentors for the last WnW3 is Houston Photographers Mark Bradley, Mark Matthews, Chris Ford and Ray Keeling. They are there to answer questions and explain the lighting set up if you so desire to learn. We hope you come join us for the end of the summer for our WnW3 workshop. To register just go to and click on the workshop photo you so desire to attend. If the workshop is FULL, it will say so on the link. Here is a photo from the WnW2 workshop.

Last month we had a client that was fun to work with and they wanted some pinup photos for a calendar and book. MUA Alicia Guerara was brought in to do their makeup and hair. The shoot was a three hour shoot with to clients and it was very delightful working to get some amazing pinup style photos. Here is one from our Client Lisa.

World Wide Photo Walk was July 24 for the third year in a row. This year we hosted a walk as one of the leaders instead of a walker. Basically up to 50 people can pre-register to walk and shoot with us. We met this year at the Galveston Strand at 5AM to beat the heat, we shot the sun cresting over the Ships and got a great view of the Strand alleys and Streets with the sun peaking out of top of the roofs. We all meet together for coffee and chimped over our photos. Many photos have already be posted them all over flickr. This year they created it’s own web site to organize the photos and members. All members are hidden from leaders and each other. They are protecting their privacy of 33,000 walkers. After the shoot the walkers upload one photo to be chosen from the 1111 walks around the world. One winner will be chosen from that and will win big. Walk winners will receive a choice of Lightroom 3 book or CS5 Photoshop book. As a Host leader we can’t enter the contest but also receive a book for hosting. It was great to host this year and organize a fun walk, we look forward to doing it again next year at a different location.

A week ago we did a fun photo session with a pre-teen Model/Actor. See was looking for something Fashionable and Fun at the same time. We have watched her grow before our eyes through all her photo sessions. We did her makeup and Hair to something different for her portfolio. The shoot was so unique we picked one of her photos for our 10th Issue Cover Model of the E magazine.  You can view this issue now by going to OTS web site.

Upcoming TKO workshop is set for 9-11 a famous day in our history and we are shooting at the main street boxing rink from 9-11am.  The cover model for the TKO is Model Jessica Kemski.  She had a blast working with us to get the cover for this third year TKO shoot.  Pack your camera's, water bottle and electric fan and join us by registering at  Here is Jessica's Promo ad for the TKO.

SOS5 was our fifth year to shoot in Galveston/Surfside area of Texas. Swimsuits on Sunset and Sunrise. Over 80 people ascended on the beaches July 17/18. We provided the beach house for some to stay at and use during the shoot along with some cool props. This year we brought a twin canopy bed to place in the water with bedding and drapery. We also built a wooden triangle swing for the models to pose around. The engineering behind it worked enough perfectly. We had photographers from as far as South Carolina to attend this BIG workshop photo shoot. We had new, old and returning models attend this year.  We built a raft this year to use with the cover model and tomorrow we are heading to the beach to do the shoot in the morning.

The Hill Country Ranch weekend 2 is set for Nov 5 thru Nov 7th in Fredericksburg, TX. We have a Ranch we shoot at all weekend. We lodge you, models, makeup artists and feed you for an excellent price of $300 until October the price will increase. You come in Friday and shoot Sunset, after dinner, shooting sunrise til you drop. We have a creek, pool, hot tub, barn, loft, hills, windmill and wind animals to shoot models around all weekend. We have some organized shoots with mentors and some go and shoot times. We have mentors available to critique, ask question, use equipment, learn posing and lighting from. The Ranch is laid back enough to work at your pace or try to keep up with the models wanting to shoot.

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