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We host monthly workshops for photographers, models, actors and makeup artist. We do this in unique location with a different concept in hopes that everyone involved can add their photos to their portfolio and build it up.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gearing up for our Dramatic Outdoor Dusk Sunset Workshop Photo Shoot

This weekend we are gearing up for some High Fashion Couture looks at a local state park with over 20 models and makeup artists. We have some great props ready to use at this workshops. We will keep this workshop open to photographers to sign up til Friday Oct. 8th. This shoot is set for Oct 9th and it will give some lucky photographers a chance to work with multiple models in a short time frame and not have to worry about anything but getting amazing photos. We have some of the best High Fashion models coming along with some of the best makeup artist around. They will come in early to insure that we start on time. We have model changing every thirty minutes in something even more spectacular. Bring your camera and lights because this is one that everyone shoots til we can’t see anymore. Join us for good times afterward at a local burger joint. Model will be getting in the low limbs of trees that are bigger than a car. The moss is hanging low to give that Southern Sunset that Texas is known for.

To register as a Photographer, click here. The fee is only $50.

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